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Market study

CIS, is certainly a difficult market with its particularities. The key of success for good implantation in CIS, is to study appropriately the market and be ready to invest time and financial resources, organize a dedicated team and a local office. 

Many companies which failed to enter the CIS market, decided to prospect CIS market without 

  • confirming the  needs,

  • checking the technical compliance of the products,

  • finding out the competitiveness of the price,

  • studying the competitors, 

  • analyzing the potential available market, 

  • allocating a local team.

For our company it is also obligatory to analyze these points because our business model is not to be a distributor but to choose the best company and to create a profitable development model.

  • Market study: 

    • Make sure that your products are suitable for the CIS market (technically and in terms of price) ​

    • Study the competitors 

    • Evaluate the potentially available market 

    • Define which market is requiring the less investment for the most profitable ROI. 

  • Week meeting session with potential customers:

    • After the market study, introduce your brand to the potential customers

    • Check their wishes & interests to work with your company 

    • Organize a session of 5 workings days with you and these actors in order to have a first vision of CIS market. 

  • Validation of the partner :

    • Identification of potential industrial/technologic/commercial partners

    • Confirm the partner is the right one (well introduced in the sphere, solid financial structure...) 

    • Validate they are not under US/EU sanctions. ​​

A good market study: Key for a successful implantation

Other services:


  • Make appropriate certifications 

  • Creation of distribution chanels 

  • Settle marketing strategy

  • Find customers for the main applications

MARKET Development

  • Creation of a stock in Russia

  • Creation of After sale office and technical support

  • Optimisation of  importation structure

  • Developing brand image & reputation

  • Developing other markets


  • Settle localisation strategy 

  • Intense lobbying 

  • Discrediting local competitors 

  • Developing new product specifically for Russian market

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