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Beginning sales in CIS is an important step for development, but companies are often limited with a small amount of sales because:


  • They underestimate EAC certification: it needs a lot of time, experience and services of CIS companies which take the certification under its legal name. Many distributors are ready to do it but they impose foreign companies their services if they want to use this certificate. 
    It is also well-known that companies get certification from a distributor but they could not use it anymore because the distributor used non official laboratory to make test for the certification. 

  • They underestimate importation and logistic issues: many importers use illegal practices which could have consequences, as for example blacklisting the company on the EAC custom database.  

  • They use distributors' channels which wait order from the Internet but do not promote the company through their own customer network.

What we propose is 

  • To help you to obtain certification EAC (or other one requested) with a power of attorney giving you the right to use it as you desire. All the procedures are in full compliance with the law, so we ensure you zero trouble during importation procedure, for the duration of the certificate

  • We have our own importation structure, OOO Francimport, which is able to propose you the best price and fast delivery. Our company is working with the best specialists, in order to guarantee the respect of all laws and practices during the importation. That is why our company is granted to be on a green corridor for custom services, meaning that customs put our company on a special trust corridor avoiding systematic verifications for custom clearances.
    Our specialists are really meticulous before picking up goods, checking all necessary documents, making a constant monitoring of new customs rules; in order to maintain our company in this corridor and avoid any problems at customs. 

  • Instead of using your brand name to increase our reputation while selling your products, we promote your brand to our own clients. We are efficient in the promotion because a big number of companies which already buy our equipment are always interested in new offers provided by our team. Taking into account the fact that they are absolutely satisfied with our work, they always support the idea to test a new product. Moreover, our experts  have the reputation to be well technically trained to the product we represent and to provide a 24H/7 support to our CIS clients.

Choosing the right partner: key success for a faster ROI 

Other services:


  • Verification your product is technically suitable for the market 

  • Verification of the available market

  • Is there Russian competitors? 

  • Are you competitive? 

  • Who are your potential Russian partner? 


  • Settle localisation strategy 

  • Intense lobbying 

  • Discrediting local competitors 

  • Developing new product specifically for Russian market

MARKET Development

  • Creation of a stock in Russia

  • Creation of After sale office and technical support

  • Optimisation of  importation structure

  • Developing brand image & reputation

  • Developing other markets

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