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Market Development

With a solid distribution network and right partners, worldwide companies have a good opportunity to get ROI on their investment. However, in order to exponentially increase sales in CIS, it is mandatory to create an office in the country you want to prospect. 

This is often the reason why companies struggle to increase sales in CIS. They wrongly believe:

  • That it is possible to manage CIS market from Europe and come 3 or 4 times a year.  

  • CIS clients (Top management, engineers, suppliers) speak English

  • The most important is to have orders and manage logistic; having stock in CIS is optional.

  • Technical support could be managed by distributors.

What we propose is a team with office all over CIS. According to us it is mandatory because: 

  • We strongly believe that a client needs to be visited regularly. From our experience from organizing meetings with top management of our customers during a week, we regularly notice that  top managers (especially from state groupe) postpone the meeting at last minute. Having a team full time in CIS allows the company to be more reactive and more effective in the business development. 

  • It allows the company to provide a closer support (for example a 24/7) and more efficient prospection (no need to make visa, buy ticket, book a hotel...) 

  • Having a team which speaks Russian (and even a native Russian speaker) allows clients to be more confident and speak without barriers. It is often strategic to understand the subtleties of the language and understand the hidden messages of the interlocutor. 

  • Having a team with technical background allows us to be professional and effective when exchanging with customer’s technical dept. and to provide more accurate translation, either for important discussion or technical documentation (RFP for example). 

  • It avoids any misunderstanding from CIS culture and adapts to CIS practice. 

We propose to have a dedicated team in CIS at lowest cost, for providing a closer support and more efficient prospection.

An effective local office: Key success for a long term growth

Other services:


  • Verification your product is technically suitable for the market 

  • Verification of the available market

  • Is there Russian competitors? 

  • Are you competitive? 

  • Who are your potential Russian partner? 


  • Settle localisation strategy 

  • Intense lobbying 

  • Discrediting local competitors 

  • Developing new product specifically for Russian market


  • Make appropriate certifications 

  • Creation of distribution chanels 

  • Settle marketing strategy

  • Find customers for the main applications

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