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Market Consolidation

Having offices all over CIS allows the company to get all the necessary tools for a good growth on CIS market. However, trends are to promote the "made in CIS" and  government from all these countries, issues plenteous of laws to stimulate the increase of localized products in the area. For example, car manufacturers get fiscal advantage proportionally to the localized share.  

Many governmental tenders are reserved for local companies. If your company already does business in CIS, and your products have real competitive advantages, the localization of production is the best way for your company to keep the market for the next years and increase considerably the sales. 

In this purpose, we can help your company to : 

  • Settle localization strategy 

  • Validate the right local industrial partner. 

  • Develop new products specifically for local market​

TR & Partners also has all the necessary tools and connections for making relevant lobbying in local government and with top management of the customers. It is an important step, to validate your place on the market from other foreign competitors.

All local competitors have an obvious and noticeable advantage over all foreign companies – the “made in CIS” label. This case is much more complicated that to be faced only with foreign competitors, but we are used to work on these cases, and we have all the necessary background and connections in CIS to implement the right strategy for competing local companies.

Localized product: Key success for the consolidation of your implantation 

Other services:


  • Verification your product is technically suitable for the market 

  • Verification of the available market

  • Is there Russian competitors? 

  • Are you competitive? 

  • Who are your potential Russian partner? 


  • Make appropriate certifications 

  • Creation of distribution chanels 

  • Settle marketing strategy

  • Find customers for the main applications

MARKET Development

  • Creation of a stock in Russia

  • Creation of After sale office and technical support

  • Optimisation of  importation structure

  • Developing brand image & reputation

  • Developing other markets

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