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Our team

TR & Partners regroups a team of specialists who have at least 10 years of professionally specialized background and experience abroad. 


Our corporate policy is to valorise consultants who have entrepreneurship mind and are ready to work without limits to achieve the best results in a project instead of being confined to standard practices. 

Importation department


With a strong experience in international logistic, Dmitry is managing a team of experts in: 

  • Transportation (by air, by sea, by road) from all over the world (especially Europe, Asia and the USA)

  • Russian certification 

  • Customs clearance

His team is particularly good at checking all the necessary documents requested during importation and all custom clearance procedures

Market research department

Edouard RENAUD

Since 10 years, we had the opportunity to create a network of consultants who help us with:

  • Market research 

  • Market feedback on firms, people and their reputation

  • Keeping update on new projects

  • Identification of decision makers inside State firms

  • Administrative resources 

  • Technical aspects

  • Localization processes

Accounting department


With a strong experience in tax department and accounting procedures, Karina is a helpful employee for our importation department in order to:

  • Effectively and promptly providing all the necessary documents to our Russian customers

  • Making monitoring of all new laws and usages regarding tax regulation 

  • Advising our partners on tax optimization 

Administration department


With a strong experience in Russian fiscal issues, Alina and her consultants provide :

  • Legal advice in order to assure the conformity with Russian law.  

  • Personal assistance in operational questions for legal entities

  • Advice to our partners on creation of a legal structure in Russia & CIS

Translation department


With a strong experience in translation and teaching, Daria with several consultants provides: 

  • Official translation of legal, technical, commercial documents

  • Live translation from French, English and Russian

  • Translation for our partners: emails, letters, protocols

Legal department

Edouard RENAUD

We work with law fims, which 

  • Are used to work with international companies

  • Are experts in corporate & tax laws

  • Have great experience in international trial 

  • Have strong network with juridiction all over Russia 

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