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Brand image management

After more than 10 years of representation of foreign brands on CIS market, many issues appeared to us. For example, problems with tax department, customs, threats from competitors, non-creditworthy clients, technology leaking risks...


When resolving such issues we understood that companies mainly invest financial and human resources when the crisis happens instead of preventing it.

As a result, this crisis leads to high expenditures and serious repercussion on Brand image.


Moreover, Brand image is a really sensitive subject, especially on such markets as luxury, aeronautic and that is why we decided to use our experience and our network to help companies which are sensitive to such issues and are ready to invest financial ressources in prevention. 

Below, some examples of services we can provide to companies wishing to protect their Brand image: 

  • Due diligence: 

    • Concrete example: A well known company made a basic due diligence on their own supplier. After some researches, they got some doubt and decided to make a deeper investigation. Results: the supplier was using their official activities to hide illegal business​.

  • Legal research:

    • Concrete example: a company which failed to pay supplier. 
      With basic legal research,  it appears that this company got several lawsuit because of outstanding payments.

  • Contract supervising:

    • Concrete example: a multinational company were used to sell unique products with terms: 30% before production and 70% before delivery. One of the client paid with 18 months of delay because of financial issues. Thenceforth, we always check financial solidity of clients for this multinational company, if any risks revealed then 100% payment before production is applied. 

Prevention avoids more costly legal issues 

Perfect reputation, means reliable company

  • Reputation monitoring: 

    • Concrete example: A foreign brand found a Russian partner for localization of their products and worked a lot to settle a business plan and technical proposition for localization. Before signing an agreement with Russian partner, they understood that some of russian shareholders were mentionned on US/EU sanction list.  ​

  • Verification of employees status/reputation:

    • Concrete example: during an event in CIS for a famous international brand, it was noticed that some employees were not legally employed. ​

  • Link with customs services: 

    • In specific market as Luxe, Haute couture, Tobacco, Alcohol: counterfeit is a considerable financial loss and a threat of company Brand image.

    • We can settle various programs for management of counterfeit issues in CIS.

  • Luxury transfer with personal protection (Maybach, Class S...)

    • Concrete example: international clients are reluctant to travel to CIS for security reasons and it was a loss of benefit for a company organizing a sales event. Personal driver with protection reassured clients to come. 

  • Other specific services could be proposed as: on-site support, expert translation (Russian & French native; English),  24H/7D call center, Security guards  (through partner), rent for event specific/historical residence, link with Local administration, etc.. 

Upgrading your service create an added value

This list is non exhaustive and represent only few example of services that we provided to our partners in order to protect their Brand image. Please contact us directly for your concret demand on CIS market.

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